Tips to Make the Most of Your Paint Sprayer

How to Use a Paint Sprayer

When painting your home, it’s always a good idea to use a paint sprayer. These devices are designed for quick coverage of large areas and they can be more affordable than using an old fashioned roller and brush. However, there is some technique involved in getting the best results from these machines so here is how to use a paint sprayer for the best result.

When you start spraying, don’t point at one area too long or try to cover all sides quickly as this may cause bleeding/drips especially if you’re working with darker colors on wood surfaces where excess paint can drip down through capillary action (the way liquids flow up into narrow spaces like paper fibers).

How To Use A Paint Sprayer

Also, you should always use a primer that is specially designed for paint sprayers. You can get away with using the normal stuff if you are painting over latex but when covering stains or oil-based paints, it’s best to use special primers which will help the finish go on smoothly and evenly while also preventing bleed through of colors underneath.

When spraying your walls make sure they are free from any cobwebs or other dust/debris as this will cause problems in getting an even coat. Other than that there really isn’t much else to consider especially after buying one of these machines since most come ready out of the box without having to do anything before hand such as mixing paints together etc.

Also, remember to wear goggles and a breathing mask whenever you are spraying paint. The fumes can be toxic so always make sure the sprayer is well ventilated by opening up windows or doors after finishing each coat.

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